Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up!!!!

 I really don’t like to cook and I dislike cleaning up the kitchen even more than I dislike cooking.  The thing is I’m not a big eater.  As long as I can snack all day {J}, I could totally survive off of three things….a sandwich, a bowl of grits or a fried egg.  But unfortunately there are these other three people that live with me and they totally expect me to prepare them some sort of a meal EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!
Does this happen to anyone else….I stand in the kitchen for no less than 45 minutes to an hour preparing a meal.  The entire time, both kids and my husband are circling around me like sharks out for blood.  Tegan suddenly has to play with his cars right under my feet and Rylee has to tell me how hungry she is every five seconds while my dear husband is attempting to tell me about his day.  I finally get everything done.  Everyone sits down at the table at least five minutes before me.  By the time I sit down, someone needs something so I get back up.  Ten to fifteen minutes in to the meal, I finally fix my plate but the food is cold by this point and I remember that I hate cold food.  I barely eat but yet somehow everyone else is done way before me and nowhere to be found.  I mean, even the four year old knows when to run for his life and suddenly disappear.  Then I spend another 30 minutes cleaning up this huge mess that apparently I made so it is mine to deal with.  Have I mentioned that I dislike cooking b/c of the cleaning???  Have I mentioned that I only really cook for them??
Last night the four year old had already gone in to hiding.  The husband and nine year old stood up at the exact same time and were inching off to make their great escape.  I say STOP!!!  They both look like deer in headlights as I tell them that they have to help me clean up this mess before they can leave the kitchen.  Rylee looks like she will crumble in to tears at any moment while my husband says in a joking way that I didn’t take as a joke, “We can’t help, we have other stuff to do”.  I give him the famous “watch yourself” look and they both begin helping as I tell them that “the rest of the week I will have other stuff to do and forget to cook”.  Exactly two minutes in to cleaning, Paul’s cell phone rings so he steps out on the porch to talk and Rylee suddenly needs a bathroom break.  Despite my very best efforts, they never returned and I cleaned the kitchen alone. 
Tonight they will be eating frozen pizza cooked by them!!!!

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  1. Makes me feel better to know I am NOT alone! :)