Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To My Son...

After I wrote my little letter to my sweet daughter, of course I thought of thousand more things I would like to say to her.  Hopefully the same thing won't happen with this letter to my son.  I always joke about Tegan being like my little puppy dog.  If anything ever happened to me, he will be the one that misses me the most.  He wants me for everything!  Nobody else will do when he wants his mommy.  Secretly I hope it always stays that way but I know it isn't good for him to stay so attached to me and I know that the day will come that he will want his space.  I just hope it doesn't happen until he is at least 31:)

Dear Son,

1.  Find a sport you love and pour your heart in to it.  It will keep you focused. 

2.  Do not ever lay your hands on anyone (yes this includes your sister).  Fighting is never the answer!  Oh and if I ever in my life hear that you have hit or harmed a female in anyway,  I will lock you in a bedroom at my house and never let you out. 

3.  Your Daddy is going to be much easier on you than your poor sister.  First you are a boy and second you are the second child so he will be much more relaxed.  He longs for that father/son relationship that he has missed so bad since his own father passed away....give it to him.  No one and I mean no one will give you better advice, send you in the right direction or enjoy spending time with you like your dad will!!!

4.  Your Mommy....I on the other hand will not be so relaxed.  You can have fun and hang out but being good and doing what you are suppose to is a mission of mine.  I will be that angel that sits on your shoulder.  You will always be my baby boy, letting you spread your wings will not be easy for me!  

5.  Your sister....Love that girl with all your heart.  Yes, I know that she tries to mother you to death but she adores you.  She had to deal with your mom after losing and burying your brother so please excuse her if she is very protective of you.  Stay close to her even as you grow.  She is the only other person on this side of heaven that has the exact same blood flowing through her veins....never ever forget that and never ever let anyone come between that.

6.  Always defend and stand up for your sister.  Even if she is wrong.   

7.  Do not be a bully.  In fact, if you see someone bullying another kid, step in!!!  Don't step in to a situation that will get you hurt but speaking up for those that are weaker than you, will not only gain you respect but it will make you feel good about yourself.

8.  Hold hands.  This makes me want to throw up a little to even think about but when you are 32 years old and married{:)}, hold her hand.  When walking through a parking lot, reach for her makes her feel wanted and makes her feel like you are proud to be with her.  But holding hands is as far as you go:)

9.  Clean.  All because you are a male does not mean that you are blind to a mess in the house.  If the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, do it.  If there are clothes on the floor, pick them up.  There is no rule that says that a woman has to have the responsibility of the house on her shoulders.  Never ever say that you didn't make a mess so you won't clean it up...need I remind you that I didn't dirty up all those size 4T clothes but I washed them, dried them, folded them and put them away day after day!    

10.  Ladies first...always!!! 

11. Get dirty!  Yes, your germaphobic mommy is telling you to get dirty.  Dirt doesn't hurt:)  Dirt and sick germs are not the same thing!

12. Never wear jeans with holes in them to church on a Sunday morning.  Jeans...yes.!

13.  Learn to do something really cool like a back handspring, water skiing, playing pool, etc...  One day you will be put in a place where you can show off that really cool skill and everyone will think you are awesome (b/c you are)!    

14.  Your pants are meant to cover your behind and your hat is suppose to sit straight on your head.  No one wants to see your underwear and you will just look plain stupid with your hat tilted or turned to the side.  No matter how cool you think it looks, it isn't!

15.  Do what is right and your life will follow the path that it should!

I will love you always!!
Love, Mommy!

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