Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She's got test taking skills

I believe that horrible test taking skills go hand and hand with being an anxious person.  I hate taking test.  I would get all kinds of nauseous. My stomach would start making these loud noises right when the room got quiet, I would feel sick and screw up the whole test.  I never did great on test. 

I had to laugh when I was remembering my first major standardized test in school.  In the 3rd grade my teacher asked us to lay our heads on the desk while she was handing them out.  Once she gave me my test, I laid my head back down on top of the booklet and proceeded to throw up all over it.  Not only on it but the whole desk, floor, my clothes and a path all the way up to the front office.  I had a horrible stomach virus but at that age, I got in my head that it was the test that made me throw up. 

Thankfully, Rylee is totally opposite.  Today was the first of 5 days of CRCT test taking.  When she got home, I asked how she did on the reading part of the test today and she said "great!  I am sure I got every one right."  Oh to have her confidence and her stomach:)    


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