Thursday, April 12, 2012

To My Daughter

I have so much on this side of life that I want to teach to my precious daughter and son.  The truth is, I without a doubt pray that I will always be here for them but the reality is we never know what can happen.  Maybe I shouldn't sound so morbid and just say that I want to write some post as a reminder of all the things I want to tell my kids as they grow up.  This first post is for sweet Rylee.

   I am also doing a post for Tegan and then a post for both of them:) 

1.  Let It Roll- Whenever you are up, someone will try to bring you down.  Sometimes this comes in the form of an enemy but sometimes it can be the dearest of friends or family.  The earlier in life that you learn to have a huge heart for others but not take everything to heart, the earlier that you will learn to let it roll right off your back!

2.  Your Daddy-  Your daddy is a tough nut to crack.  He hates the fact that you are growing up and therefore he will be super hard on you about things like makeup and your little girl opinions.  Always remember that your daddy loves you like no other man can ever love you.  He will always look at you and see that baby girl, his first born child, that made his heart skip a few beats.  Nothing you can ever do or say will make you any different in his eyes. But one day that man will look at you and think "Wow....what a beautiful and amazing young woman she has become".

3.  Your brother-  In the words of Olivia the Pig, I know that your little brother is more like a little bother.  His goal in each and every day is to show you how much he loves and adores you with pure and genuine aggravation!  He looks up to you.  He loves you.  He thinks your great.  I fought hard to give you that sibling and even though he annoys the heck out of you now, I beg of you to hold him close for all the years of your life.  One day he will marry a young lady.  We can only hope that she loves us but even with that being said, we are the in laws.  We will not be her favorite people.  Suck it up and play nice because having that boy in your life will one day be a very important thing to you.  Be sure to respect him as a grown up and don't always treat him like the little boy he is now.  Your dad and I are raising two great kids and we trust that you will both see each other as great people with your heads on right!

4.  Friends-  Acquaintances are one thing and friends are another.  If you are lucky, you will find a great trustworthy group of friends but you may only find that one friend that you feel like you would trust with your life.  When you find that, hold on to it.  Nurture it!  Don't let life, husbands and babies come between that b/c I promise, you need that person(s) for your own survival and sanity.  The older that you get, good friends are everywhere but amazing friends are very hard to come by!

5. I know that growing up is hard but always remember, it is so hard for me to watch my little baby girl grow up and turn in to a young lady and beyond.  It's a catch 22 b/c I am so very proud of who you are and will become but yet the growing pains that I feel are sometimes way to much for me. 

6.  Beauty is only skin have the ability to be beautiful both inside and out. 

7.  Be Humble!  I tell you everyday how perfect that you are but the bigger your head is, the louder the pop is when someone tries to burst your bubble.  You are an awesome person but being able to pull yourself back and let others shine is an ability that makes you better!

8.  You are cursed....just like every other woman before you, your body will change and your "Aunt Flow" will eventually grace you with its presence.  Save your comments on this people, it is real life and going to happen!  There is no need in complaining about it b/c there is not one single thing you can do about it. 

9.  Girls are mean to other girls.  Women are mean to other women.  Mommies are mean to other mommies.  As women, we are quick to judge and quick to want to bring others down.  If you listen to nothing else in this post, listen to this....You will never be better than anyone else.  We are all awesome.  Save your judgements and ALWAYS give others a break.  Cut them the same slack that you would want.  When you become a mommy, you will make a thousand mistakes.  That is totally OK.  The good thing is that God promises that everyday will be new.  You can wake up, start over and the best thing is that your kids will think you are great no matter what!

10.  DO NOT YELL!  Raising your voice is not needed.  Yes, I know your awesome mommy raises her voice at you (or more your brother) all the time.  It is a awful habit that I try to break daily!!!

11.  When you grow up, caring for your house may fall mostly on you.  While you should keep your home or space as clean as possible, it is by far not the most important thing.  As much as I want a perfect looking home, sadly it is at the very bottom of my very long to do list and guess what, that's OK!

12.  Do not dress like a street walker.  Whether you are in sweats or a beautiful dress, you will always be beautiful but if your skirt is way to short and your top cuts down way to much on your chest....not good!  Others see that as a cry for attention and I can promise you , you will never HAVE to dress like that to get the attention that you deserve.

13.  Call your mama at least every other day once you are out on your own.  She lived her whole life for you and your brother, so forgive her if she has a hard time. You are never to old to need the comfort of your parents or to ask for help!  Life isn't easy but having a great support system can do wonders for your life!

14.  Love yourself first and everything else will fall in to place! 

I will love you always,
Your Mommy


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