Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little Help Please!

When I had Rylee, I went back to work part time instead of full time. For the next few years, I only worked 24 hours a week. Right after I had Cohen, my job at the time went from part time to full time. I only got to work full time for seven months before being put out of work and put on strict bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy with Tegan. When I went on bed rest, Rylee was entering pre-k. I didn’t go back to work after having Tegan except for that crazy little weekend nights job that I really shouldn’t have done for those horrible three months. So pretty much since the summer before Rylee started pre-k, I have not had to worry about who would keep my kids or what I would do with them during the summer.

During that time that I was out of work, I went back to school. I took a ton of core classes and the entire required health core. Then I started thinking that the medical field was not for me. I got a firsthand view of how none family friendly some healthcare positions can be. Working a crazy schedule and missing out on holidays is not at the top of my list of dream jobs.

I started my current job about a week after school started this school year for my kids. I like my little job. For those of you that don’t know, I do hearing test on one day old babies in the hospital but I don’t actually work for the hospital but yet a contract company. My job has been very flexible and allows me to take my kids to school and pick them up every day. I go in, do my job and leave. The best part is that during the summer, my co-worker was willing to pick up my slack (she would get some extra hours that she wants) and allow me to only work as needed so that I could be home with my kids b/c I don’t have ANY IDEA WHO WOULD KEEP THEM OR WHAT I WOULD DO WITH THEM this summer. Then when school started, I would just come back in to my job like normal. It was a perfect!

In the meantime of starting a new job, I started a new business….Cohen Lane. That business has grown and done very well, if I do say so myself. Working from home, doing that business, makes me the same amount of money as my part time job does and maybe even sometimes more. It has been a perfect set up. I love that little business and feel like that I can take it to a whole new level. My intentions have always been to slowly grow that party printables business in to an online party invitations and decorations shop. My heart is in that business.

In a couple of weeks, the contract company that I work for will be dropping their contract with the hospital. The great news is that instead of us just losing our jobs, the hospital is offering to hire us on in to the hearing screener’s position. There is great potential in this job. After meeting with what will be my new supervisor, I have been encouraged at the idea that we will have the opportunity to cross train for other “testing” positions that have the potential to make some really great money. Like good money. It would be like free schooling and also getting paid to be there.

The problem is that I would be required to work a certain amount of hours weekly. My whole summer plan will be blown out of water and I will be left to scramble to find a babysitter on a daily basis.

Also, I feel like I would have to choose between this new career and my beloved business. I have a hard enough time now keeping up with my business so I would think that working more required hours, would limit what I can do with my business that I have worked so hard on. If I choose to take this job, I would go all in and do as much cross training and certification that I could which would leave little time for my business….my beloved business.

The thing is, I would gain some really valuable experience and have potential to have a higher hourly pay rate than I have ever had before.

But I am not always about the all mighty dollar and feel like I would not be nearly as available to my kids.

But thousands of mama’s work (full and part time) and their kids are fine.

But what about my business and my dream of it getting really big while working from home where I am a constant in my kids lives and never have to worry about making someone mad b/c I have to call in sick when I have been up all night with a sick child.

But I would GET PAID to learn a really awesome job that would open up a ton of opportunities to me.

But what about my kids? And my business? And my dream?

But the opportunity is almost too good to pass up and goodness knows I don’t want to regret passing up this offer. This job would be a sure thing and we all know owning your own business is never a sure thing.

Can you see my dilemma? I am having an awful time. One second I feel like God is telling me to go ALL IN on my business b/c it is something that I love to do and never dread but then the next second I feel like God is saying that he has opened these doors for me at my job and all I have to do is walk through them.
Advice anyone?
Help anyone?

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  1. I say stick with the hearing screen for at least now...give it a can always back away if you need to later on...what other testing are you guys thinking you will be doing? I'm going to miss my babies...I loved that job :( But God has other things for me obviously...and adventure out with Cohen can always pull back on either...let God lead you and you won't go wrong!!!