Monday, November 14, 2011

This Little Girl of Mine...

My little girl is so sweet.  She is very different than most other 8, almost 9, year old kidsthat you will meet.  She is level headed, very compassionate to others and never gets in trouble.  This time last year she was having a rough time.  She seemed uncomfortable in her own skin.  She seemed a little lost and was terrified that something bad was going to happen.  She could see that she was losing her grip on a relationship with someone that she cherished.  More recently she went through a rough patch with some girls at school.  Her tender heart has a very hard time with what she feels like is rejection.  

But lately I have saw something different.  She is really growing up on me.  She is still the same levelheaded, tenderhearted, strong and compassionate girl as always but she seems to be learning how to appreciate her relationships.  For a while she seemed to blame a big change in her life on us, her parents but the reality is that we had nothing to do with it.  In the past month I have watched her realize that we are here and never ever going to leave her.  No one will ever step in front of her and Tegan.  She has stopped questioning us and started talking to us.  She tells us how much she appreciates us and the things we do for her.  She leaves little notes for us around the house all the time.   
I told her the other day to never stop doing this! Whether it be for me, her daddy, her brother, her future husband, her own children....  These little notes mean so much to me! 
She is comfortable with herself again but most importantly she knows that her and her brother will always be first in our lives and we will never let anyone take that away!  She has decided that if people don't want to be close to her then that is their loss and I couldn't agree more b/c this little girl is special.  She is going to do great things!!! 

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  1. Awwwww, what a sweet little one you have. Love those notes. :)