Tuesday, August 12, 2008


That's right....I am receiving my second mother of the year award. Tegan started with his runny nose and fever last Tuesday morning. Even though the fever went away after two days, the runny nose hung around. After tons of benadryl, Motrin and Tylenol I decided to break down and call the doctor who said they wanted to see him. So here I was feeling like I was taking the little guy in for a clear snotty nose and it turned out to be not one but two ear infections. That's right, he said the left one was....what was that word he used...on yes, flaming and the right one was right behind it. So after 7 days of suffering Tegan has finally gotten some medicine to help! Poor fellow!

Don't I totally look sick? I can't believe my mom can't tell that I am sick!

Let me show you my teeth

Look...I'm walking along this table.

Nothing is out of reach anymore.

Take this, I don't want to eat this but....

I will eat that camera you are holding!

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