Sunday, August 10, 2008

1st day of kindergarten

Well my little baby girl started kindergarten. I didn't anticipate this to be a hard first day for her or me (or her dad) since she went to the Busy Box preschool for the past two years. The girl who stood in front of a whole full church and sang patriotic songs very loudly woke up nervous and had a game plan to get out of school. First her belly hurt and then she got Tegan's stuffy nose. Which turned out to be true and they have both been battling it ever since (Tegan woke up that way last Tuesday). We got her to school and although she hesitated I think it made her feel better that both of us took her. When we walked through the front doors she took off out in front and said that she could lead the way. She did try to make one wrong turn but on her second day (she started last Thursday) Paul made her lead him to the class and she did great. She keeps telling us that she doesn't want anybody walking her in to school but I have a feeling Paul isn't ready to give that up yet. Anyways, when I picked her up that afternoon she talked and talked about how much she loved it. She is so excited about going back this long do you think this will last! Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. so cute! in response to your ? about toys: we LOVED the learning house (?) not sure what it is called, and the different stand-up learning tables with buttons to push, the busy pop-up ball popper is neato...stuff like that! hope this helps!