Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Culprit....A Phonebook???

So me and Rylee did a craft project this week. She is always wanting to dial the telephone so I thought it would be a good idea to teach her about 911. I gave her lots of different situations and asked her how she would handle it. One being what if something happened to mommy while giving Tegan a bath....I taught her to first pull the plug on the bathwater and let the water out but leave Tegan in the tub and then dial 911. While teaching her this I asked her if I should write it down and she said she could remember the number 911. So then I got another idea to make her a phonebook that she could understand. So we went on the computer and picked out pictures of close family and printed them out. Then I wrote their names at the top and then I told her the telephone numbers as she wrote them. Since she can't read yet, the pictures are her guide for who the number belongs to. She loved it.
The point to this story is that I got in the shower tonight and she just runs free. Well I went to get out of the shower and I heard her talking to someone as if she was having a total conversation. I thought she had let someone in the front door but then I saw her walking around on the phone. She was talking to my sister Melissa. She had decided to practice with her phonebook and by this point had called Amy, Mama (who wasn't home and she called another 15 times later) and Melissa. Then I took the phone and talked to Melissa while she stood there letting me know that she needed to use the phone and the next thing I know she had called Shannon but she didn't answer. Well the house phone rings and I go to get it but she goes ahead and answers it as if she knows what is going on. This phonebook thing may come back to bite me! If tonight means anything...she will need her own phone line by the time she is six!
She decorated it herself.

I blocked out the phone numbers in the below pictures but I put the numbers across the bottom.

This is my Bright Idea of the Week.

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