Saturday, July 26, 2008

"The Best Day of My Life"

Rylee and the elephants! They were so close.

Breanna (on the left) said she wanted to see an elephants backside...looks like she got her wish and a picture with it too.

All the kids...except Mallory. I think her and Melissa were in their own little world b/c I have no pictures of either of them.

Rylee's eyes say it all....Alligators just over her shoulder!

Shannon and Rylee...I call this a love/hate relationship! Smile for the camera and quit hitting each other!

My babies!

Me with the diva princess and the demanding bulldozer!(history on Tegan's name...when he wants something he will go through anything to get it and lately that has included our baby gates. There is no stopping him!

Bathroom break! Rylee looks like she is thinking about what she could eat next. She must be in a growth spurt b/c all she does these days is eat.

Shannon and all her kids looking at the huge Turtles they Mike on the very end.

The title is the words out of Rylee's mouth. Now only if she hadn't said this at least once everyday for the past 15 days then maybe I would believe her.

I have been trying to think of something else do to with Rylee and Tegan before Rylee starts "real" school in less than two weeks. Well mom had the perfect idea. They had heard about the Greenville Zoo and had heard lots of good things about it. If you live in North Georgia and you don't want to drive through Atlanta to get to the Atlanta Zoo, I recommend the Greenville Zoo. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there and the drive was so much better than driving to and through Atlanta. The zoo isn't as big as the Atlanta zoo which is a plus in my book. IT was the perfect length for us. It was a perfect overcast day with no threat of rain. Which was much better than the sun beating down on us. They have elephants, lions, giraffes and so much more. They also had orangutans which had a tiny little baby that got out and walked around for a minute and then went back under the blanket with her mother to nurse. It was so sweet! That I think was Rylee's favorite part. Tegan loved it also but he could careless about the animals. HE is so happy when he is being pushed around in the outdoors. He never made the first sound. They had a great covered playground right outside the entrance of the zoo with lots of picnic space. Mom had packed lots of stuff for sandwiches and even made brownies for us. It was really a nice day!
It ended with me watching a 20/20 last night that talked about elephants in captivity and how they are treated....Free the Elephants...Poor things!!

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