Monday, July 28, 2008

11 month review

I can't reach that remote!

Your not going to take my coke bottle away are you?

I need to check out the bottom of this thing and make sure it's o.k.!

This hand is so good!

This is what Tegan looked like right after I got the beetle out of his mouth. You can tell he had been crying and looks very mad at me. "How dare you"!

Yesterday Tegan turned 11 months old. It is so hard to believe that I am about to start preparing for his one year birthday party. He has been coming along lately and really since he turned 10 months old he has progressed a whole lot. Tegan the tug boat is like a line backer. If you try to stop him from going somewhere by sitting or laying in front of him he will just run over you or climb right over you as if he doesn't even care you are there. He knocks down the baby gates now and only wants to go to the parts of the house I don't want him in. He repeats DaDa every time I try to get him to say Mama and smiles about it as if he knows what he is doing. He will race you in a crawling race and giggle so hard the whole time that he can barely keep up. When Tegan turned 10 months old he was sitting in the floor one Sunday morning and just took off crawling. That is Tegan to a T! He doesn't even let on that he can do it but when he tries it he never fails. This time last week when we stood him up at furniture or something his hips would be so unsteady and he couldn't stand leaning on furniture on his on. Then the very next day (last Tuesday) he just crawled over to the couch and pulled right up to get something he wanted. Ever since then he pulls up on all the furniture and can basically get to anything. I know he will do the same with cruising along furniture and just take off when I'm not looking. He did it with rolling, sitting up, crawling, teeth (6 teeth in a matter of weeks) and now pulling up. HE is also doing the same with a sippy cup. Yesterday I was complaining to Paul at supper about how he wouldn't even try to drink from a sippy cup when I noticed Paul cutting his eyes toward Tegan in the highchair and I turned around and the little turd was just drinking away from his sippy cup! I have been putting a cup around him for 2 months now to get him to use it and he has never been interested. Everything is done on Tegan time around here.
As you can see from his size (11 months old in 18 month clothes) he eats very well. Basically anything unless it is green. He doesn't like anything green, real food or baby food. He has a fit when he can see a bottle being made as if he thinks you are fixing it for someone else. This is why I have been worried about how I was going to wean him at 12 months old. Rylee loved her bottle too but the day she hit one we took it away and she never missed it but I was scared this wasn't going to work with Teg. Well starting Saturday morning he has just lost interest in it. He normally takes four 8oz bottles a day and the past few days he is only drinking 2 or 3 oz from each bottle and that's it. He will literally take his hand and push it away and try to hit it out of your hand. I know he feels fine b/c he has been eating the heck out of baby and table food....he just doesn't want the bottle. So I am going to try to get him to take the rest of the formula I have and then just start putting whole milk in a sippy cup. I know, I whole milk before a year old but if his stomach can handle it, he will get it. Don't worry though, there is no shortage of food b/c he eats everything he crawls past on the floor. Things I have never seen. All day Saturday I spent the whole day cleaning and reorganizing my living room and making sure there was nothing he could eat or put in his mouth. Well he got up from nap and before I could vacuum he had a small piece of wood and a piece of plastic in his mouth. Where he got these from nobody knows b/c I had scanned the whole floor. Well yesterday he got him a good crunch on a bug. I'm not sure if it was dead or alive when he started but it was dead by the time I got his mouth open and I actually heard the crunch as he was trying to hold on. It was one of those beetles that hangs around on our front porch and sometimes get in when we open the door. I was mortified and injured where he bit my figure so hard that he drew blood! This morning it was something that looked like a piece of rope. Go figure!
He loves to play with anything but toys. He loves to take a 2 liter coke and roll it around the floor so that you get a pleasant surprise when you open it later. So I have been giving him empty bottles but he knows the difference.
Tegan cries sometimes when he just wants me to stop and sit down. If I can't get him to stop with that then when all else fails...I put him in the car. He loves to ride.

This is more for me so I can remember all the little things Tegan was doing at this age but I thought some of you might be interested to! I love my little Tegan!

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