Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas at Mom's

We always do a early Christmas at my mom's with just the siblings and their families. We had it last night and I didn't get to enjoy the food or the present opening like normal. Right about time to eat Tegan started screaming....not crying but screaming the same scream he had when he was getting a needle stuck in him to draw blood. I thought it was all the loud noise but taking him in another room didn't help. Finally we put him in the car seat and Paul took him for a ride to make him go off to sleep. When he came back his diaper was very dirty and he was a whole new baby. I'm hoping it was just a little tummy ache. He has been fine ever since. Sorry, I wasn't able to get pictures over there b/c I was dealing with him the whole time but I will get some over the next few days. We have a busy two days ahead of us. I'm already tired just thinking about it.

On the other hand....I got a great picture frame from Hannah, who drew my name. I love it. Rylee has been in heaven with all her Hannah Montana and Princess stuff she got. She loves it. Tegan got himself a new singing and colorful mobile for above his bed, some sleepers, two packs of diapers (thanks so much) and a little truck. Paul got a practice putting golf thingy....not sure what to call it but he liked it a lot also.

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