Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleep....I need straight sleep

So we have Tegan in his own room now and last night was the first night that I took him out of his carseat and just let him sleep laying on the mattress. He loves that carseat but I feel like he would sleep so much better laying on the mattress. It took some time to convince him to go to sleep laying flat but once he did he slept about the same that he does in the car seat. If he isn't waking me up during the night then Rylee is. Rylee has been waking me up at least once a night for bad dreams or to blow her nose and then I will just get back to sleep and Tegan will wake me up crying. Last night he cried himself back to sleep before I got to him at around 1:00 am but then he started again at 4:00 and I tried to make him stay in his bed but after an hour or me getting up and down, I finally just put him in the bed with me and he went right off to sleep. Which then means that I get the worse sleep ever b/c he has his face buried in to me and I am scared I will roll over on him.

I need my sleep! I guess the good thing is that I know this will get better.....surely it isn't going to get worse. Rylee was always such a good sleeper that this is all so new to me. The Dr. told me not to let him cry it out at night until he is 4 months old. We just hit the 3 month old mark!!!

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