Wednesday, November 14, 2007


After a full day of Tegan deciding not to sleep, he finally gave it up. If you look closley at the picture you will be able to see that he is laying on my legs. He loves for me to have one leg on the other and him laying in the groove.....kind of like a boppy. I'm a human boppy!
Tegan really does do good though, he may not sleep much during the day anymore but he is doing good at night(I'm sure I will live to regret that comment). He usually takes his last bottle around 9:30 and then goes to bed. Yes, he still sleeps in his carseat over in the pack n play. He loves that carseat. We put him in there wide awake and he goes right off to sleep. Then if he wakes up any all I have to do is rock the carseat a little. He use to need a bottle at around 6:00 am every morning but the past two mornings I put him in the bed with me at 6:00 and he sleeps until 9:00. Yes, I'm lazy and sleep until 9:00 too. Paul is so great. He gets up every morning and gets Rylee ready and to school for me. The deal is he does that and I get up with Tegan at night if need be. It works out great! So that means Tegan goes almost 12 hours without eating and isn't even three months old yet. He is a sweet boy!!!!!!!!! Maybe this means he will love sleep like his mommy, daddy and big sister!

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