Monday, November 12, 2007

A full Sunday!

Hannah was in a very bad wreck last week. This is a picture of what the truck looked like she was driving. The picture at the bottom of the page is her one week after the wreck. She is a very lucky lady!

Tegan finally woke up long enough for nanny to hold him yesterday.

We had a full day yesterday. Church, lunch at church, Caden's birthday party and last but not least a concert at the church. He made it through most of the day in his carseat without waking up but during the concert last night he got very restless. I spent the whole concert trying to keep him still and quiet....which didn't really work. But we made it through. I must admit that we are out and about a whole lot more with Tegan than we ever was with Rylee at this age. Below is a picture of my nephew Caden at his 2nd birthday party!

This is what survived the first picture! With just minor damage. Can you believe it!!!!

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