Sunday, November 18, 2007

Early Thanksgiving

We had an early Thanksgiving at my mom's house today. It was a good meal. We had all the grandkids pictures made with mama and Darrin. Tegan, of course, basically slept thru the whole thing. Rylee played so hard that she lost her voice. She was so tired. She always loves going over there when everybody is at mama's b/c she loves to play with her cousins, especially Breanna. There is a big age difference in them but they play really good together. Zach taunted me the whole time and I finally held him down and sat on him but he didn't care. Tegan wore his first pair of blue jeans cute! Melissa and Lamar got in to a big argument after I left.....I always miss the good stuff. From what I heard, Melissa won. Here are some of our pictures from the day.....
Paul rarely smiles in pictures but he smiled this time. Notice the shirt....a bride and groom with the words "The End" printed below. That's what he thought was funny.

Here is mama and Darrin with all of the grandkids. Hannah, Taylor is in Hannah's lap, Breanna, Rylee, Jacob, Caden, Darrin holding Tegan, Mama holding Cally and Zach beside her. That's a picture full isn't it!

Here is me with my mom and all of our siblings. Left to right....Kelly, Melissa, Mama, Lamar, Shannon and myself.

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