Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet Jack.....

After almost two years of begging, pleading and saving her money, we finally gave in and let Rylee get a dog.  Not just any dog but our first ever inside dog.  I have been very worried about house training and taking care of a new puppy but Rylee seems to have stepped up to the plate and is doing a great job taking care of her new little baby.
Meet Jack....
He is named after her huge love for Duck Dynasty b/c she loves to hear Si say "Hey Jack".
I had two conditions for getting a dog....1. It can not shed.  2. If Rylee is at home, she is responsible for it.  
When some friends of ours bought this little puppy and then couldn't keep it b/c their older dog was not a fan, we snatched up this cutie.  Rylee used her own money with a little help from us to buy him.  I was worried that this little fuzz ball would really end up shedding but so far, so good.
We (and by that I mean Rylee) are crate training him.  There have been a few accidents in the house but nothing major so far and Rylee has been quick to clean it up and spray something on it to prevent it smelling.  My little girl loves this dog.  For the past two nights she has gotten up with him in the middle of the night to take him to potty.  She has also set her own alarm, got up earlier than normal to feed him, take him out to potty and play with him before she has to get ready for school.  I am amazed by her.  I asked her this morning if all this work was worth having her own dog and she said "Oh yes mama, I feel so blessed".
What she doesn't know is that I am the one that feels so blessed!  Love that girl! 

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