Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite Thing Friday with Slow Cooker Liners and a Prayer Board!!!

I have really rediscovered my crock pot this week and now I am trying to figure out how I can cook every single meal in that darn thing.  There is nothing better than throwing something in the crock pot and coming back 8 hours later to a completed meal.  Last night it was a beef roast with cut up potatoes and carrots.  So darn good!!!  Today I have a pork loin slowly cooking in bbq sauce for some sandwiches.
Now one would think that the crock pot is my favorite thing but oh is much better than that!
These my friend are my most favorite thing in the kitchen right now.....

Where have these been all my life and why was I so resistant????  They are about $3.50 for a box of four.  Now my cheap old self wouldn't buy them but one day I broke down and oh my goodness I now make sure I always have some in stock in my pantry.  After the food is all gone, I pull the bag out, tie it up and throw it away.  I still clean the crock pot but all that scrubbing and soaking is a thing of the past.
If you haven't tried these, GO GET SOME NOW!!!!
My other favorite thing is to have a small dry erase board on the refrigerator in the kitchen to jot things down b/c I have a horrible memory.  Lately Rylee has taken over my Dollar Tree board but when I read stuff like this, I don't mind.....
  Although I love my little board, my favorite thing is Rylee and her precious little heart!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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