Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is it some sort of holiday???

I am one of those people that believes that V-Day should be like my birthday....I should be celebrated but shouldn't have to celebrate any one else:)  I also like to milk it a little and when the dreaded words of "what are we having for supper" are asked, I reply with "It is Valentines day....I'm off today".  I recognize Valentines day for two reasons, chocolate and a burger through the quickest drive thru.  The only downfall with my plan is that I have been trying to count my calories and this big box of valentine peanut butter cups that were left on my computer desk by my husband this morning, have pretty much wiped out my entire week of watching what I eat.

My kids think that we should shower them with presents today.  I think that is our fault for setting the bar to high.  They will be totally disappointed when they get home b/c mama got lazy this year.  Tegan has been wanting this red pillow he seen at Walmart for forever and he informed me this morning that it better be at home with his pile of Valentines day presents when he gets home....what????  Crazy thing is, I actually went and bought it for him:)  But he will be very disappointed b/c there is no pile of presents....just a red pillow and a Hershey bar.  Rylee was a little less needy b/c she just got her puppy and said she didn't need anything.  Lucky her, she got 8 week puppy shots and dewormer for V-Day.  No worries, I'm not totally mean, I did buy her two Hershey bars to give her when she gets home from school today. 

I'm not being a downer on Valentines day.  I actually like the idea of Valentines and what it means.  All these people that say "we should celebrate our love everyday" drive me nuts.  Obviously you don't have your own business, a full time working husband, 2 kids, a brand new puppy, and watch all of these people pull your house apart piece by piece only for you to put it back together daily.  Of course I love my husband and kids everyday but it is nice to have a day that forces us to stop and say I love in the midst of all the craziness.  Do we celebrate it like I wish we would, not since we had kiddos but there will be plenty of time for celebrating one day very soon.

So for today don't try to act like a tough cookie who doesn't like V-day....act like a diva that refuses to cook, eats all the chocolate she wants and leaves the toys on the floor at bedtime.  I promise, tomorrow everything will go back to normal!!!

Happy V-day to all three of you that read this blog:)
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  1. I'm with you - I have no problem with a special day for love. I mean almost every holiday should be celebrated daily in life right? It's just one day to take a step back for a moment!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I didn't have to cook last night, so I guess that will have to count as my 'night off'. I'll be a diva on my birthday next month! :o)