Friday, December 21, 2012

Lacking Motivation

I am pretty sure that the last three days of my life have been the most unproductive days ever.  In fact, this is the second day that I have stayed in my pajamas all day.  No worries, I did take a shower late last night and put on clean pajamas:)

I had visions of cleaning this house from top to bottom to prepare for Christmas but I'm just not that in to doing it.  I work better under pressure anyway so I am sure I will be scrambling Christmas Eve morning when our first of two family gatherings is just hours away from taking place at our house.

It is so super windy in the great state of Georgia today.  So much so that I am using that as my excuse for staying in my pajamas (yesterdays excuse was rain).  Seriously though, in our old house we didn't have any trees around us so I never had to have a fear of the wind.  Well that is totally different in the new but really old house.  The things that are falling from the trees and hitting this new tin roof have me ready to pee my pants.  I laid awake last night until I couldn't fight it anymore envisioning one of those huge trees falling right through the roof on my bed.  Just when I would go to doze off, a huge tree limb would hit the roof and I would jump out of my skin.  At one point I thought about sleeping under the bed but then I was sure that not only the tree would crush me but the bed would too!
That sweet husband of mine called me while working hard (or whatever it is they do all day) and asked me to go outside and make sure the watering thingy on this side of the pasture had water in it.  I gave him this huge speech about the wind and pajamas and falling tree limbs on my head but he didn't care at all and told me it would be good for me.  Seriously, for all he knows I have been slaving away in this house but then again, I think he knows me better than that:)  Tip number one, Old Navy pajama pants are no match for hurricane like winds! That air cuts right through my pants.  I can't actually see the water holder thingy from where I turn it on but usually the other end of the hose is in the water holder (whatever you call that thing) so I just stand up there and wait a while and then turn it off.  While I was out there waiting very impatiently, I was looking around and noticed that the blue redneck kiddie pool that my mom let us borrow for Teg's summer party (and we never gave it back) had blown all the way up our long driveway and was heading for the road.  So I do what any stupid girl in her pajamas outside in cold weather would do, I came and got in the car and went to go get it.  Well since it doesn't fit in the car, I am holding it through the window of my car.  Just driving down the road with a blue baby pool hanging on the side of my car b/c I'm cool like that!  Well I totally forgot how hard the wind was blowing and suddenly it jerks the pool right out of my hand and almost pulled me out the window. There she blows....back up the driveway.  I had to look like an idiot chasing that darn $5 pool all over the place with pajamas on and a camo stocking hat that fits my five year old's head...not mine! Caught it!  Victory was mine!  I put the pool back in the pole barn and wedged it in there so it can't get away again.  I turn the water off that is filling up the cows water thingy and come back to the house.  From the porch, I can see the water thingy and noticed that I didn't see the hose hanging inside of it which means that all that water just ran all over the ground.  I call my husband, tell him I love him but I'm not going back out there.  He gives me a pep talk and I tell him I will go back out there just for him but instead I took a nap:)  I mean, will the darn cows die if they don't have water for one day???  Oh hush, I will go back out there but don't judge me for trying to get out of it!!!! 

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