Friday, November 30, 2012

Mommy Caught The Flu

and her poor daughter did too!!!

This has been the longest week ever!  For the first time in my 32 1/2 years, I got the flu.  No I didn't have a flu your comments for someone else b/c my dear sweet daughter had a flu shot and still caught the flu from her mama.
It is very safe for me to say that I have never been so miserable in my entire life as far as sickness goes.  It all started last Saturday.  I woke up not feeling well but not really sick.  I got up and motivated and began feeling a lot better as the day went on.  We went to run a few errands late in the afternoon and then came home to order a pizza for supper.  We sat down to eat at around 7:00 and it hit me....the worst cold chills I have ever had!  Things just got worse from there.  I was in bed shortly after that b/c I was just freezing to death and I stayed there for the next two days.  I only got out of bed after two days b/c my husband made me get up so that he could drive me to the doctor.  I was so sick that I was literally crying in the waiting room b/c it was going to be an hour to an hour and a half wait and I couldn't even bare to think about being out of bed that long.  So this germaphobe did something I have never done before, I just laid down on a bench and spread my germs with the world!  I tested positive with the flu and was also diagnosed with a sinus infection too.  I came home and got straight back in the bed and I can't even remember when I got out of bed again after that.  Tuesday morning, Rylee woke up feeling sick and has been in the bed with the flu ever since.  In the meantime, I have been up and down.  One hour I feel like I can get up and move around and then suddenly I am knocked flat on my back.  I just can't seem to kick this and it is driving me nuts!
My body has ached, I have had the worst cough ever that just won't leave me alone, stuffy nose, headache, so weak and tired, dizziness, upset name it, I've had it!  Rylee has followed the same process and even though everyone says the flu shot will lessen the symptoms, they haven't for her:(  
I am so tired of being sick and stuck in this house.  I have gotten behind on everything.
So far, the boys are both good but I don't know how.  Tegan had a flu shot but Paul didn't and since he has refused to sleep anywhere but in the bed right beside me at night, I am praying over him that he doesn't get it!
My husband has been great.  He has handled everything with the kids, did the laundry, kept things picked up, and has took great care of me! 
I am praying that I have turned a corner and will be like a brand new person by the end of this weekend but judging by this coughing fit I am having right now, it isn't looking so good:(

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