Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paper Pretty!

As I have said before, I am venturing in to a totally different type of business these days and so far I am LOVING it!  It gives me the chance to still be creative but not have to run all over town (30 minutes from my house) collecting supplies like sewing did.  I didn't think I would ever say this but I have gotten burnt out with sewing.  I still love it and still plan to do little stuff here and there but that will mostly be stuff for myself, family or friends, not for business purposes.  With being back to work there just isn't enough time to run around buying supplies every other day & then making the item.  I have actually been posting lots of my sewing stuff on ebay.  Most of what I am posting is fabric that I bought a long time ago and have never gotten around to using or all the embroidery blanks that I have but will also probably never use. 

So I started learning as much as I could about different design softwares.  Digital backgrounds and graphics are like fabric for me...addictive!  It really gets my creative juices flowing and I love it.  I opened up a shop on etsy, Paper Pretty Designs, and started creating.  I have been so blessed that in the past two months I have had 83 sales.  Those sales don't include the sales I have had from friends and facebook!  You can like my facebook fanpage HERE!  Then suggest my page to others.  With all the facebook changes I think the easiest way to do this is just to suggest it one time as your status.  You can say something about it and then just put @Paper Pretty Designs and it should highlight it blue and link to my page.  Very simple! 

I have been working hard to create lots of Christmas cards.  I am very anxious to start listing them but I keep watching etsy to see if other Christmas cards are selling yet and they aren't so I am trying to time it just right.  I am doing everything from very simple and traditional to stepping outside of the box with very funky original cards:)
Below is just a taste of the Christmas cards I am working on!  You won't find these cards on the Walmart photo site:)

Get super cute and modern baby shower invitations!
Birthday invites to go with any theme plus you can get matching printable cupcake toppers, party favor tags, thank you cards, birthday banners, water bottle wraps, etc..

  LOVE my little business and very blessed to be doing something I love so much!!!

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  1. I'm glad your business is going so well! What a blessing!!