Friday, October 14, 2011

They call it the Kestenbaum Sugery b/c it is the BOMB!!!

Ha....that title could mean so many things.  The surgery that Sweet T recently had is called the Kestenbaum Surgery.  As most of you know, it is a double eye turn surgery.  In one way it was not the bomb but like a darn boom.  Poor little fellow really struggled for a few days after having that surgery.  But in so many other ways I would say the surgery is THE BOMB!

On Thursday we headed out to Atlanta to see Teg's doctor.  Even though I was a little anxious (just b/c that is what I do whenever I am leaving my house:), I was very at peace b/c I knew that there was going to be nothing but great feedback from her. 

Tegan's eyes are still bloodshot and probably will be for a good while.  She said that hopefully they will be cleared all the way up by February....WOW!  When she measured his head tilt before surgery, he was turning his head 35 degrees to the left side.  That is a very huge head tilt and one that would lead to a very painful neck problem in his future.  As of yesterday he is measuring at a 10 to 15 degree head tilt.  That is a significant difference.  It will make a world of difference for him pain wise and socially!  To be honest, I don't notice him tilting it a lot so either a 10 degree head tilt isn't that much or he doesn't do it all the time.  She said that for right now, that is as good as it gets because of his age and how short the eyes muscles are at this point in his life.  She said that she couldn't have asked for better results.  When placing his muscles back to his eyes, she went as extreme as she could and so far so good.  Although I was terrified, Dr. Amy Hutchinson at Emory has been such a blessing.  It is hard to trust the judgement of others when it comes to your child...especially his eyes.  When researching her and getting a second opinion before surgery, we were pretty much told that if we were going to let our son have this surgery, she is the one to do it.  I have been so thankful that in the beginning of this whole process, 4 years ago, the hand above placed us in the perfect place for our son to get all the help he could. 

I'm not sure I ever want to watch Tegan go through something like that again but so far I am glad we did it.  His eyes will continue to heal and hopefully continue to improve for a very long time.  In the words of Dr. Hutchinson, "this surgery is a really big surgery and a really big deal".  Since there is so much more healing to do, I really do believe that Tegan's nystagmus and head tilt can completely go away but if not, I am just praising God that he can see, walk, run & play!!! 

Much love to all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers for my little man!

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