Monday, July 25, 2011

Teenagers Today

I don't know about you but I have huge fears about raising teenagers. I dread it and look forward to it all at the same time. I only look forward to it b/c I always want to see what my children will do next but I dread it b/c who in the world likes to deal with a teenager. Now I'm not saying all teenagers are little teenage babysitter does not fall in to your usual drama filled know it all smart mouth you can't tell me nothing category(a.k.a sheenaisawesome). I just pray that Ry has a touch of that in her b/c I'm not sure that we will both come out the other side alive:) I am friends with lots of teenagers on facebook and let me tell you, I sometimes want to jump through my computer screen. So much so that I have had to unfriend a lot of them. The first thing that annoys me is how they post pictures constantly with their tongues out. you think you look cute with your nasty long tongue sticking out in every single picture? Another thing that gets me is ALL THE END OF THE WORLD DRAMA!!!! I know that those very same things once seemed important to me but my goodness STOP POSTING THAT YOU SWITCH BOYFRIENDS LIKE PANTIES!!!!! I don't believe in a teenager having a "relationship status" unless it has been at least a year! Your getting on my nerves with your "in a relationship", "it's complicated" and "single again" crap every three hours!
Facebook has changed stuff with teenagers. People that would never see you in a bikini, now can just as soon as you post that half naked picture on the Internet! Also, there doesn't have to be all the face to face bullying. Just plaster it all over facebook and you have knocked some poor insecure girl to her knees. I'm all about protecting my kids and rest assure that the first time my daughter comes home crying b/c some I think I'm better than you girl says something ugly to her, that I won't want to take her out but really she must learn to fight her own battles and me getting involved isn't going to help matters unless something gets extreme....then I will take her out:)
The other thing is how they dress. If I were young again and had to find a boyfriend these days, I would be single. We were at the mall on Saturday and there was several boys with leggings on. One boys leggings had one hot pink leg and one zebra print leg. I'm almost certain that he had jeans on over those when he left his poor unsuspecting parents and then he ripped off the jeans as soon as he was out of their sight. I am most certain that I will always check under my kids clothes before they leave my house. Paul was convinced that they must have lost a bet but he looked pretty confident in his clothing choices. Then there are boys that are wearing skinny leg jeans or hip hugging low rise jeans. Boys, you don't look cute.
Whatever happened to being normal. I mean, I'm scared!!! So I think the lesson that we have learned for today is please keep your tongue in your mouth and a simple pair of regular old jeans and a tshirt will do the trick!


  1. Girl!!! it is hard!! Alex want me to buy him a my little pony t-shirt...b/c it cool and he saw a dude on the internet with it on!! I said heck no!!! that is a girls shirt and I am not buying it. He was like...parents dont repect out style these days and I told him when he gets a job and buys his own clothes then go for it!!! TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hilarious post! Teenagers nowdays gross me out. Greasy hair in your eyes is NOT hot. And you are completely right, what's up with those boys in their tight jeans. Don't they know what they are doing to their "swimmers". Is it just me or were boys way cuter back in the day? Well, nevermind, rat tails and bowl cuts were in. So were parachute pants and rolled up jeans. I am pretty sure our parents thought we were gross too.