Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Same Old thing

Every week we eat the same meals....week after week after week! Tonight I actually stood in the kitchen and cooked for 45 minutes and didn't even sit down to eat what I cooked. I am so tired of the same old thing. This is what we have every single week: spaghetti or lasagna, lemon pepper or fried chicken tenders & potatoes, tacos (which I hate), frozen pizza, tenderloin with corn and box mac n' cheese. If we don't eat out on the weekends we just eat a sandwich. I am honestly getting to the point where I would just rather eat a sandwich every night. Less cooking and cleaning and I would enjoy it just as much as these same old meals plus it would be cheaper. Is anyone Else's grocery bill doubling these days??
The thing is, I'm not a lover of cooking. I mean, I can make stuff taste OK but I don't really have a love affair with food nor do I with cooking and cleaning up from it. We also aren't eating healthy like we would like to. I have searched high and low for good healthy (or even semi healthy) meals that are quick and easy to make but still eatable. If I am going to have to stand in the kitchen and cook for more than 30 minutes, I lose my appetite. I guess that could be my new diet plan:) I like things like casseroles but I also need other ideas.
So this is where you guys come in. I know I have at least two loyal followers out there reading this. I want you guys to list some of your favorite dishes and recipes in my comments section. That way not only I get some good ideas but also each of you can see the ideas and try them out too. Come on....PLEASE! I'm not to proud to beg, I'm just hungry!!!!


  1. Hey! You should try out onceamonthmom.com. She has different menus for you to choose from (regular, diet, etc). You cook a month's worth of food in a day to day and a half & freeze it to use throughout the month. It has really helped me out.

  2. Hubby should be grilling this summer! Taste of Home Cookbooks - pictures with every recipe! Sure - may take longer than 30 minutes, but some good stuff in these books. Treena loves these books!

  3. Ok, so I'm totally in the same boat as you. Here's one of the recipes that I'm sick of around the house. Faith loves it though, so I'll continue to make it. Maybe we should swap same ole recipes and then we'll both have something different! LOL

    Pork chops and gravy over rice

    Family pack of boneless pork chops
    2 cans cream of mushroom soup
    Rice of your choosing. (I use Mahatma's yellow rice.)

    Preheat oven to 350. Salt and pepper each pork chop on both sides. Put pork chops in casserole 13x9 casserole dish. Pour both cans of cream of mushroom on top of the pork chops and then 2 soup cans full of water. Place in oven for 2hrs. Meanwhile, cook your rice according to instructions. Serve pork chop and gravy over rice. The pork chops turn out super tender.

    You don't even need a knife to cut them. Super easy recipe with not a lot of YOU time involve. Just stick it in the oven and forget it. I love this recipe, it's just when you've ate it 800 times......

  4. I agree - keeping things varied is so hard! Especially in the summer -- we don't have AC in our house out here, so I never use the oven (you can imagine that cuts out a lot of options for us). And there are usually three little wild/whiny children hovering around! I finally gave up thinking that I had to have gourmet meals all the time and that we can't eat the same thing. We basically buy the same meats consistently (pork chops, fish, some sort of chicken, and hamburgers/meat), but I do try to at least rotate every other week. I try to keep things simple too -- we hardly eat starches with our meals anymore, just our meat and a veggie or salad. And I'm all about grilling - so easy and healthy. We eat stir-fry (so easy b/c you can use whatever you have), fish tacos, grilled fish, regular tacos, any grilled meat, and we eat a lot of burritos. Sorry that's not any specific recipes - I hardly use them, but hopefully you'll get some good ideas from your comments!