Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving forward backwards

The accidental photography business has continued to do well. I had 5 sessions just this weekend and lots more scheduled throughout the end of November. I can honestly say I LOVE taking pictures! Every time I take them, I rush home to pull them up on the computer and get a better look at them. I have to force myself to step back and give it a day or so before I start pulling them apart and editing them. Looking at them with fresh eyes helps me to not delete a picture before looking at it really well.
I did pictures of this wonderful family a few weeks ago. I am starting with them and doing a post on each session. They were great to take pictures of and their girls are so beautiful.

I'm starting with this one b/c it was one of my favorites. It was a very real moment.

What a beautiful family!

This girl is not only beautiful but she is so sweet.

Sassy pants here was all about having her picture made. I loved it. She is so cute!

I got so many great pictures of this family, it was so hard to choose which ones to put up. I wanted to put all the great ones up but I would be sitting here waiting on blogger to upload for way to long. Plus another photographer has recently brought to my attention the whole less is more thing....a few great pictures is better than hundreds of great pictures, it makes a bigger impact.

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