Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It was an accident....

Seriously, it wasn't my intentions! A friend laughed at me recently b/c I told him that I "accidentally started a small photography business", He thought I was just being funny but really, I was being serious. My husband bought me a great SLR camera for Mother's Day last year for two reasons: the first is that I just wanted it but the main reason is that Tegan has an eye condition...holding his head up straight and looking right at the camera is not a strong point for him. Other people wouldn't take pictures of him if he wasn't just perfect in his pose. So I asked for a camera and no one but me has taken his or Rylee's picture since. Those pictures of my children have went on to become pictures of other kids and then pictures of families and then pictures of others kids and families two and three times a weekend. If I said that I loved taking pictures as a form of income I would be telling a lie. I have had a lot of different jobs but photography takes the cake and is definitely a future career option. We just never know what is ahead of us and photography wasn't a plan of mine but boy do I love it. I am working on me a new website and getting all that stuff together. But for are a few family pictures of some recent sessions I have done.

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