Monday, November 17, 2008

What's going on here??

Where do I start. Oh...that's right...we are about a month in to total sickness in our house. Tegan had a double ear infection and a sore throat. Then the very day he got better, Rylee started with a bad cold that she then graciously shared with her ever sweet brother. Who then took that cold and made it in to a double ear infection (or the same one as before), diarrhea, a really raw behind, and a snotty nose that had to be wiped so much it is also as raw as his bum. Tegan has done lots of crying and screaming which has worn me out. Therefore Saturday night I began losing my voice. By Sunday I pretty much had no voice at all. It's a little better today but Tegan isn't. Then Rylee tells me it sounds like a microphone in her ear. The last time that happened she had an ear infection too. Then tonight she kept saying she was cold and even though she was covered up, she couldn't get warm. Isn't it funny how Rylee went through 5 1/2 years without a single ear infection until Tegan starts getting them. I know they aren't contagious but somebody didn't tell my kids!!!!!
I just pray the worst is over! Tegan will see a ENT on Dec. 2 to talk about getting tubes in his ears. If that Dr. doesn't agree to do it then be prepared to get the next blog post from a jail cell!


  1. Oh, yuck, I'm so sorry! Sickness is the pits! Hope everyone is better soon and you get some relief!

  2. You might try an EarCheck ( next time you suspect an infection. I used it on my daughter and it works. It confirmed that she had an infection so I gave her some Tylenol so she could sleep and then went to the doc in the morning and he confirmed it. It is great peace of mind and can help you monitor your kids ears.