Monday, November 24, 2008

It's that time of year. You know, where everyone stays sick but you have so much to do outside of the house that it doesn't matter that everyone is sick. You must spread your germs everywhere.

My not me Monday was mostly all from last Tuesday when I took my kids to the Doc.

I most certainly did not take my kids to the Dr at 5:15 and not get out until after 6:00 pm b/c the Dr. got on a soap box about kids and germs. And you all wonder where I get my germaphobia from!
Then drop off a prescription all Walgreen's only to learn that when I went back my insurance wasn't valid. So I was going to pay for the prescription and learned it was $90 so I very rudely asked for my prescription thingy back as if it was all their fault. Only to figure out that when I got home I didn't even give her my
prescription card. I gave her the regular insurance card. DUH's separate!

Then me, the kids and my mother-in-law went to Chili's to eat while waiting on the prescription and I did not order Paul a $9 hamburger for supper only to leave it on the table and realize it half way home. What kind of wife would I be.

To close with today....It is 8:05 am and I most certainly am not sitting at my computer doing my not me Monday while listening to Tegan cry and completely ignoring the fact that he is ready to get out of bed for the day. I wouldn't have my priorities in order if I were doing that!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who DOES NOT leave her husband's dinner behind. haha! Funny post!

  2. Crying helps their lungs develop. :o)

  3. Loved your post! So, I'm not the only one who does not leave her baby to cry in the crib for just a few minutes while I finish doing whatever!