Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gatlinburg and Dollywood

For six days, my little man ran a fever.  I took him to the doctor and heard the dreaded words..."It is just viral and has to run its course".  I was so worried because we had a trip planned for the following weekend and I just knew it wasn't going to get to happen. He would be fine during the day and then spike a fever and throw up once at night. The night before we were suppose to leave, the same thing happened but being the great mother I am, I stocked up on fever meds, package our bags and told him to push through:)

Push through he did.  The mountain air must have been exactly what he needed b/c he never got sick again.  We spent a quick little weekend at a super nice condo right in downtown Gatlinburg.  We got up first thing Saturday morning to head to Dollywood.  The bonus of the day was that I woke up with no voice at all!  I could only whisper for most of Saturday but as I had told Tegan, I had to push through.  

We got to Dollywood when they opened at 9:00 am and didn't leave until 7:00 pm.  It was a long day but so much fun.  I had that moment while we were there....the one where it hit me that my kids were at a great age.  No one cried and whined.  They could get on most all of the rides.  I didn't have to carry anyone. 
It was just a perfect day for all of us.  Now we were tired by the time we finally made it back to the car but it was well worth it.  Ten hours of fun was had by all!!!

Of course I posted all my pictures on Instagram and didn't share them with the facebook world so now I can't get them to upload from my phone and I can't copy them off of Instagram:(

Taking that weekend trip to the mountains was one of the best things we could of done.  We made lots of great memories and just focused on our babies!  It made my heart happy!

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