Friday, June 7, 2013

Kids Beach Photo Session or Whatever You Want To Call It!

I have no idea why I put myself or these kids through a beach photo session.  Every year someone cries, jumps in the water and/or yells.  There is really no way to make it through a photo session with these kids peacefully!  To make matters worse this year, my dear husband had just had his first ever Monster drink and was wilder than usual.  So he sure didn't help matters by standing behind me dancing or acting crazy while the kids looked past me and at him.  I'm pretty sure every one else on the beach was looking at him too!
Before the stress began, we found someone on the beach to take our picture! One thing that Monster drink did do for me.....a tiny little smile from my husband (the man that never smiles in pictures)!

 Then the fun begins!!!!
 Why are you two not looking at the camera????
 Um what is with Ry's silly smile and Teg once again not looking at me?!?!?!?
 It all goes down hill from here!
 No...I don't want your shorts to be try for the picture!
 Tegan, you are not a superhero so stop standing like that!
 Ry....why are you smiling that way???
 I'm about the kill your daddy who is standing behind me making you laugh!
 Wait...was this a good one before Teg got his shorts soaking wet??
I like it!
 Just when you think all hope is lost, you pull them up on the computer and see that you got a few that make your heart happy and all the grief worth it!

 Love her to pieces!

 I just decided that these wet shorts on this boy are part of his personality!  Being wild is part of who he is....not matter how much it exhaust me:)
 There it is!!!!  That precious melt my heart look!  This look is why he is rotten!
 No one (but their daddy) can make me so mad but yet feel so blessed at the same time!

 She really is this sweet!
I have no idea why I have never taken pictures on the beach under the pier before but I think it is my new favorite spot.  We have a tradition of walking on this same pier at least one night at the beach. So from now on I am going to get a two for on the beach and a nice walk (or run if you are with Tegan) on the pier:)

I got to take pictures of memories that I will always keep and I am pretty sure my kids will always remember me as the crazy lady on the beach forcing them to do this!

Don't forget to look below....I have updated the blog twice in less that 24 hours!  That is a record for my pattern lately!

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