Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where in the world is she????

I can not believe how long it has been since I last updated.  To say that things have been crazy are an understatement.  Business at Cohen Lane has been so crazy that I am at this computer probably about ten hours out of every day and when I do have down time, typing on the computer is the last place I want to be.
I have had to let some stuff fall by the way side and since my family still requires time of me for some reason, the blog and house cleaning have been the first two things to go.

If you don't follow me on instagram (tabatham8) yet, you probably should b/c that seems like the easiest way to keep things posted.  

Here is a recap from the past six weeks.....

 In case you forgot, this is what I look like:)
Me and this sweet man celebrated 12 wonderful years of marriage.  I still can't figure out how I am old enough to be married for 12 years....the only explanation is that I got married when I was ten:) 
 We had what felt like a never ending T-ball season.  I love watching him hit the ball, run the bases, play in the dirt, watch the birds, climb the dug out fence, etc.  This was my little man's last year in T-ball.  He will move on up to coaches pitch next year.

Rylee has been having lots of fun in her dance class.  This year she joined a great Christian based dance school and is taking jazz and tap.  I have never seen her be so excited about an activity as she is this dance class.
 Dance picture day!
We enjoyed a Sunday watching my husband's beloved Braves win some baseball.
 He is thrilled to have his picture made!
We had a great Easter with these two cutie pies!
My dear husband requested that I let him skip the Easter pictures this year.  
He hates having his picture made!  So the kiddos and I took a few without him!
My little business has recently started printing invites.  It isn't a well known thing yet but if someone ask and request it, I am happy to print them.  This has been what has made things a little more busy.  I am hoping by the end of the summer to launch a full website of printed invite options.  Something about seeing my invitation designs printed out on paper just makes me giddy with excitement.
 Most of our spring here in Georgia has either been cold, windy or rainy but we managed to catch a few days to run around outside in flip flops and shorts while having a water fight.  
They mean business!
 I was (probably still am) a horrible test taker in school.  I got anxiety like you wouldn't believe and pretty much felt like throwing up through all my test but my Rylee has this down pat!  For the second year in a row she exceeded in all areas on the CRCT and got another perfect reading score.
 Sweet little Jack has become a part of the family.  He was so cute and fuzzy but I got a wild hair one day and took him to have all his hair buzzed off.  None of us have been the same since.  Poor fella.  I probably won't be doing that again any time soon:(
Before his cut....
 You can't really tell in this picture b/c he was so mad at me and wouldn't look at me for 3 days!
After the cut....
 I am a huge believer in the fact that you don't get your own Mother's Day as long as you are blessed to still have your mama with you but things just worked out different this year.  My mom wanted to go to lunch on the Friday before Mother's Day and my mother-in-law wanted to go to dinner on that Saturday night.  That left Sunday open for me and for the first time since becoming a mommy ten years ago, I got my own Mother's Day.  I would be telling a story if I didn't say that I really enjoyed it!  My husband and babies woke me up early and took me to a great place heading in to the mountains for an amazing breakfast at a place called the Dillard house.  Then we headed to the little town of Helen and spent the rest of the day walking through shops, eating ice cream for lunch and enjoying the river.  The kids even washed my car when we got home! It was a great Mother's Day....I am so blessed to have these two love me so much!
 Mountains in the background.....Tegan has never been to the mountains and was amazed.  He is going to be super excited when we take a four day mountain trip later in the summer. 
 I made a point to make sure Rylee took a picture or two of me on my cell phone so that they would know that I was actually with them on Mother's day:)  I am always behind the camera!
 Tegan made me this cute little hand towel in kindergarten.  I am already missing Rylee making me things at school (she is too old for all that) but she did write me a super sweet letter that almost made me cry!
Tegan has a hard time at school.  He is way too busy to sit still and learn but I am super proud of him for finally getting all his sight words for this year.  It has been a battle for sure and if it weren't for my husband finally taking over that job and helping him out, he still wouldn't know any of them.  Me and Tegan would fight over these every day but he would sit right down with his daddy and do them.  I do have to take credit for the last 70 words though, Paul was working a side job and didn't get to help him much so I was forced to figure out how to make him set still and learn them.  Super proud of this! 

That just about catches you up!  If I'm not running to t-ball, dance, the school, grocery store or any of the above stuff, I have been sitting right here in front of this computer working my tail off on my business.  
No worries though....sand, sun and the ocean are in my very near future!!!!

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