Thursday, May 23, 2013

What a difference!!!!

Well it is happening whether I like it or not....these kids are growing up! 
Today was the last day of kindergarten for my boy and 4th grade for my girl.  I honestly can not believe that I will never have a child in kindergarten again:(

I took last day of school pictures of them this morning and put them side by side with their first day of school pictures.  It really shows how much they changed in such a sort time and how fast the days are going by.
I didn't really think Rylee had changed much this year until I saw her 1st and last days side by side.  Wow....even her little face looks more grown up:(  She is changing so much everyday!  She had a great school year.  She got two awards at school this for exceeding in all areas of the CRCT (with a perfect score in reading) and she also got the reading award for her whole class. I think it is safe to say that she grew right up on me this year:(
Looking at Teg's 1st and last days pics may of heart my heart a little.  His cheeks and hands were still so chubby at the beginning of the school year but not so much now.  He has gotten a lot taller and slim.  See the wood going behind his head in the second picture, he is standing on the same screened in porch for his 1st day picture and you can't even see that really shows how much taller he got this year.  He had a pretty good year in kindergarten.  He is a busy little boy and luckily he had a great set of teachers with more patience than me.  He learned all of his sight words this year which is a pretty big deal! 
I honestly am in shock that next year will be Rylee's last year of elementary school and that Teg will be in 1st grade!  I just don't know where the time is going.

Oh and just to let you know, Teg's hair looked way out of control in his last day of school picture.  Plus I thought it made him look more grown up and possibly a little redneck and since I didn't like that, I took matters in to my own hands:)
My husband always cuts his hair but he hasn't had any free time to cut it lately so I found the clippers and did it myself....
Ahhh.....I felt like I got a tiny piece of my baby back!!!

Well I guess this means it is officially summer time! 
Let the fun begin!!!

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