Friday, April 5, 2013

I Do Have My Good Days....

As a Mother, I do have my good days but this week the bad days have far outweighed the good.  The kids have been out of school this week for spring break and as bad as it sounds, I found myself doing a lot of yelling, falling behind on work and locking myself in the bathroom wondering how the heck I am going to survive the coming summer with the kids at home and a thriving business at which I am the only employee.

It is no secret that I like to sleep in if I can and mostly that is b/c I am up until 1:00 AM working.  That has been the highlight of spring break for me.  I am a lazy mama who just wants one more hour of sleep so I have the satellite box turned to the Disney channel and a cup of juice poured up and waiting in the refrigerator for my early rising 5 1/2 year old so that he leaves me alone.  He declares that he loves his mornings where he gets up before everybody else and I am pretty sure that is because he pulls the house apart piece by piece, eats lots of candy (while throwing the wrappers in the floor) and bounces off the walls.  He loves his time and honestly does not even bother me until he gets hungry for something other than the Easter candy he has been cramming in this week.  Before you freak out, most of the time my daughter is up with him or he is in her room torturing her.  
Once my feet hit the floor in the mornings, it is all downhill from there!  In this season of life that we are in, I am very busy with my business and these kids are fighting non stop!  Tegan has so much energy that I could make millions if I could bottle it up and sell it!  I mean SO. MUCH. ENERGY!!!!  The kind that I haven't had in so long that I don't even remember ever having it.  Rylee is entering her dramatic stage.  I mean her VERY. DRAMATIC. I'M. A. TWEEN. STAGE!!!!  These two stages of life don't mix.  I find myself yelling all day at somebody for something.  The other day I seriously hid in the linen closet in the back bathroom even though I could hear them looking for me....I just needed a minute or ten.

I am so far behind on work because I am desperately trying to keep Tegan occupied or punishing him for something....ALL DAY!  So much spirit this kid has!  He has been wearing me out so much that I find myself venting to everyone about how busy he is constantly....right down to the lady that checked me out at the grocery store the other day.

While this week has been a rough one at home, I am constantly reminding myself of how thankful I am for these two kids.  They are mine for now and I don't want to not take the time to enjoy them so if a minute or ten hiding in the linen closet is what I need to regroup, then I guess I will do it!  

A sweet lady that goes to our church and takes up time with Rylee once gave me some great advice and I had forgotten it until recently.  There was this one day that Tegan was extra wild and I was talking my husband off the ledge that Tegan had put him on.  That day I remembered something that she said to me....We should talk our kids up.  We shouldn't talk down about them in front of others just like the rule of not talking down about your spouse to others.  I have to break the habit of talking about how crazy my kids are making me (obviously I failed in this blog post).  It is such a habit that I didn't even realize I was doing it until my husband brought it to my attention at a family gathering for Easter.  
I have decided to tell Tegan (and Rylee if she needs it but she usually doesn't) at the end of every rough day that I know he is a good boy.  I know he can do better and that I think he is as sweet and happy as they come instead of telling him how wild he was that day and that I won't survive another minute of his octopus hands.  Tonight I told him that we all have our bad days but we also all have our good days, he just has to find more good days.  His little eyes were so precious when he looked at me and asked if I really thought he was a sweet boy....why yes I do!  I hope that he remembers us only talking about how sweet and amazing he is and not how he has drove us to the fetal position in the bed every night:)

I plan to have more good days than bad days and I believe that Tegan will too but first I am going to enjoy these next six weeks while they finish out the school year!!!!

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