Friday, March 22, 2013

When Did I Become a Grown Up???

I remember a time when getting candy and a new toy made me so excited.  I take that back....I can't really remember that stuff b/c let's face it, life makes us forget about the simple things from when we were kids.  But the good thing is that as a grown woman (I still have a hard time calling myself a woman:), I find myself getting excited about things I would have never dreamed of.  

First I would like to say that I have no idea why I have never purchased a Swiffer Wet Jet Mop before.  Where has this thing been all my life???  I love it!  I will never use a mop bucket and old sponge mop again!  It was worth every penny of the $20 it cost me to get this thing.  I had never really thought of them before until a local Christian station had the sound of the wet jet mop as part of a secret sound game a few months back.  I was pretty sure that was God telling me to run right out and get one but I kept pushing those feelings down:)  Until I came upon the huge display of them at Walmart and I was once again certain that God was telling me to purchase this thing b/c he wanted to make my life easier!!  So I did and it did.  I will never live without one again!

I don't like to vacuum.  We only have carpet in the living room and hallway so I don't have much to do but my old vacuum was horrible and would roll up hair, dust and whatever else and spit out little furball looking things all over the living room floor.  I would have to crawl around to pick them up before Jack the dog ate them.  He is like a goat, he will eat anything! Well I took the plunge the other day and got myself a new and much better vacuum and then I came home and waited for someone else to put it together for 3 days.  Why does a vacuum come in that big box and isn't put together??  Anyways, my husband had to work a huge side job this week so it hit me that if I wanted to use my new vacuum on my nasty floor, I would have to put it together I did!  I am woman, hear me roar! 
It was like one of those presentation things at Sam's where they show you how dirty your carpet really is even after they have vacuumed it with a regular vacuum!  Holy Cow the stuff that can be in carpet that you don't even see. I feel so much cleaner now:)
I saved the very best for last....we were about 5 years behind everyone else when getting a smartphone so it stands to reason that upgrading our satellite box to a DVR  would be the same way.  To be honest, I haven't thought much about it but all you people on facebook talking about recording one thing while watching another have just rubbed it in my face.  I was pushed over the edge when my mom informed me that even they have a WHAT???  So a couple of days ago when the satellite box in the living room that we have had for 12 years started to do something funky, I didn't risk it and jumped on the phone with the satellite company.  I may of paniced b/c within a couple of hours the satellite was back to working like normal but by this point it was too late.  I mean, they offered me a free upgrade....I can't turn down free!  Except then I had to pay $20 for delivery and then had to break it to my husband that our already outrageous satellite bill will be going up $10 a month.  He then reminded me that nothing in life is free!  Those who know him and how tight he is with money, know why I am just now getting a DVR and will now have to make sure to take $10 out of my own money every month and give it to him to go toward the bill just to shut him up.  Yes, I am serious about that but WHO CARES....I HAVE A DVR!!!  I will never ever miss another Real Housewives of whatever episode again like I did last week.  I am pretty sure that a DVR is a life changing thing for a TV addicted person such as myself but I haven't recorded anything yet so I will have to let you know:) 
It's Friday, Teg has a t-ball game tonight and I have a hot date tomorrow night to celebrate 12 fantastic years with my hubby....I think it will be a great weekend!!!! 

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