Thursday, July 12, 2012

Living WITH less!!!

Over the past year and a half my family has learned to live on less as we have fought hard and became debt free.  I have said it before and will say it was rough.  My husband pulled me in to it kicking and screaming but I'm so glad he did.  When we started loading things up and getting ready to move, I realized that I could very easily end up on the show hoarders in about ten years if I didn't change something.  Now in my defense, I didn't have 5 year old pizza boxes lying around or molded coffee pots but man at the stuff we had.  I had felt overwhelmed in my old house for a while and now I totally know why.  There was so much stuff in there that we didn't use or need. 

So I just LET IT GO!  I let go of A LOT of stuff.  We have a dumpster that we use for our regular trash but boy did that thing come in handy.  There was a lot of stuff that I couldn't really sell but yet didn't want to keep so guess what...TRASH IT!!!  We pretty much filled the dumpster up.  So much so that we had to stop putting our everyday trash in it just so that my sister-in-law (whom we share the dumpster with) could use it for their everyday trash until they came to empty it. If it was broken, it was trashed.  If I hadn't seen it in the past year, it was trashed or gone.  If I didn't even remember I had it, GONE!

Then there was the pile of stuff that was worthy of not trashing but I just had to let go of it.  We proceeded to fill two buildings slap up with stuff for our yard sale.  I'm not talking just a few things, I am talking about enough to fill a whole house!!!!

How we ever fit all that in our old house, I will never know.  At this point we have moved in to a slightly smaller house but yet it is feeling bigger to me because guess what....the clutter is gone.  If you have never totally decluttered your house, you have no idea what you are missing!  It has been the most freeing thing ever.  I would say that I feel as good about letting go of all that stuff as my husband does about being debt free (if you know him....he calculates everything). 

I think I have learned so much through this process.  I don't need all this stuff to be happy.  Just like we decided to cut back and live ON less, now we are living WITH less.  All I have to say is that you can have your debt and all your junk but I promise, you won't ever feel as awesome as I do:)

Happy Friday world!  Now go clean out a closet and eat at home tonight instead of going out to eat.  You gotta start somewhere to achieve living WITH less and ON less!!!   

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  1. ugh! that journey to live on less is such a hard one! but it's so worth it! right? being debt free is such an amazing goal with great benefits. and learning to be content with less is so liberating.