Monday, November 15, 2010

Is it over yet???

Well...I'm sick. Been sick for a couple days now and already I'm forgetting what it feels like to be well. It started with night sweats that turned in to a horrible headache that has taken me to a very very upset stomach (I will keep the details to myself). I just feel yucky and weak. My body is aching and I don't want to move. Not sure what is going on but I sure hope it will pass soon. This weekend was suppose to be grocery shopping weekend which means we are pretty much down to nothing. Since I haven't felt good enough to go (or even think of food for that matter) that means that I have nothing to help me get over this. No crackers, bread, sprite...anything that is easy on the tummy. Thankfully my hubby is leaving work to go pick me up a few things and get them to me.
Unfortunately I had to miss class this morning. This is the first time ever that I have skipped class since I started back to college over a year ago. I hated it too b/c we had a quiz but since I didn't get much studying done yesterday it would probably have been pointless to go.

That brings me to school...We have next week off for the holiday and then only 2 1/2 more weeks to go. I am so ready for this class to be over with and behind me. Up until the zero that I will get for my quiz today (this teacher doesn't believe in make-ups) I haven't failed anything so that is good but I'm not exactly knocking it out of the park either. Oh well...I just want to pass. I have registered for a full load next quarter. Not sure what I am thinking b/c after this present class I will have fulfilled my requirements to apply to the radiography program. But for whatever reason I felt the pull to take a few more classes while I have the time and never know where God will lead me!

I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving but even more so for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. There is nothing better than the decorations, presents, church, family, food and the looks on my kids faces! I've very very slowly started the Christmas shopping but haven't even put a dent in it yet. This year is exciting around here b/c this is the first year Tegan really cares and understands the idea of Santa. But I have fears that we are nearing the end of Rylee believing so I want to make it special for her.
I would already have the Christmas tree up but the hubby thinks that is over kill and makes it less special when the tree has been up to long. I guess I agree a little.

Oh...Hank the dog has moved to a new home. I hated to see him go and am really worried about him. He seemed like he was going to a good home. He was a wonderful dog but he wanted to be out running around a lot and there were several near death experiences that he had with us living right on the road. I'm not really an animal person but I really do miss Hank for whatever reason. I'm going to pretend that he is being treated like a king and that he will never die!

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